Sketches of various constrictor profiles, attempting to help illustrate that these snakes don’t just vary in color and size, but there’s tons of variation even down to facial structure.

This was a fun exercise~

Anonymous sent: Hi :)

Hello nonny~ How’re you today~?

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thegirlwiththebones sent: hey Cheyenne! May I inquire as to the name of your moriarty blog?

Aah yes of course~

It’s daemonaraneae

I have a Sherlock and a Richard too, but I don’t do as much on those~

Why is there clearance shampoo in my fridge? Is my house night blogging?
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Why is there clearance shampoo in my fridge? Is my house night blogging?

Anonymous sent: Best to your mom. Hope she's okay. Hope it's okay with you, but I'll pray for her.

Aaah thank you very much nonny.

It’s kind of you to put her in your prayers <3

Things concerning what’s wrong with her are up in the air until we get test results back, but we’re hoping for the best.

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Anonymous sent: Ah, remember the famous quote "The world is cruel and unforgiving, yet so beautiful." You probably get encouragement a lot to not kill yourself... Or maybe you don't? People just don't know how or if they should react...

Aaah yes one of the best things to take away from SnK though I don’t do much in that fandom anymore.

I have lots of reasons not too, sometimes I just have trouble seeing them. But it passes after a while and I can see them again.

Thank you, nonny

Anonymous sent: I believe no one deserves to have their life shortened because of demons in people's hearts. Just be strong and push through. No pain no gain after all. Please smile

-hugs nonny-

Thank you, dear nonny. 

I’ll endeavor to smile.

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I propose that the tagline for the Welsh language be: “We have seven vowels and we still use none of them.”